Zajímavosti v okolí

In this part of our pages you can find a list of various attractions and news around the Beskydy Relax Hotel ***.

GIBON PARK – Gibon park is a place suitable for active recreation in a pleasant forest park in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm in the heart of the Beskydy Mountains. We pay special attention to children, but we do not forget even adults. We offer an adrenaline experience for anyone who wants to verify their physical fitness, fitness and skill, their courage and psychological resilience.

WALLACHIAN OPEN AIR MUSEUM – Unique museum, which houses, among other things, a wooden town that is the oldest and most visited area of the Wallachian Museum in nature, as well as the oldest museum in the countryside throughout Central Europe.

JURKOVIČOVA ROZHLEDNAThe Jurkovič lookout tower is situated on the eastern edge of Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. It is located on the Karel Hill (also Petřekovy Strany) overlooking the Wallachian Museum in the countryside, at a height of 480 m above sea level. It is a unique building made of stone and several types of wood – beech, spruce and fir.

PUSTEVNY(1018 m above sea level) are the most important and most visited mountain resort in Beskydy and are an important crossroads of hiking trails. Thanks to the cableway they are the optimal place for further trips to Radhošť, Kněhyni and, of course, to the statue of the pagan god Radegast.

VELKÝ JAVORNÍK -A lookout tower on the same hill with an altitude of 918 m. is conceived as an original wooden building following the typical local Frenštátsko-Rožnovská architecture.

ZŘÍCENINA HRADU ROŽNOV –  It is two kilometers southwest of the Wallachian town of Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. It stands on the hill Hradisko (522 m above sea level) in the Vsetín Hills.

CYKLOSTEZKA BEČVATrail for cyclists, in-line skaters, tourists and cross-country skiers. Whatever you choose to visit the Becva Cycle Trail any time of year, you can enjoy a pleasant experience.

UNIPAR  – Unipar is one of the leading manufacturers of interior and aromatic candles in the world. Unipar’s candles excel not only in their quality but also in the modern design that is highly emphasized.

SVĚT KAMENŮ – You can find a wide range of semi-precious gem products in the sales gallery.